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Scum Villain Self Saving System Pins

Scum Villain Self Saving System Pins

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Cute decorative button pins to adorn your things! Add it to a t-shirt, jacket, blazer, laptop sleeves, backpack, caps, or just about anywhere your heart desires!


Choose from: Luo Binghe, Shen Qingqiu, Liu Qingge, Yue Qingyuan, Mobei-Jun and Sha Hualing!



<1 Button Pin

<1.25" in diameter

<Glossy Finish

<Please note that the colours of the printed products may appear differently on one's device than in person. Colours may also be represented differently between individual devices.



<When you order item/s on my shop, I will always include mini sticker sheets & die-cuts from the shop!



<Button pins with its backings will be placed in a cellophane bag with illustrated cardstock backing, all packed inside a TTPost envelope.



<1-3 days

< 7 days during a sale event (shop update, discount promo events, etc.) due to volume of orders internationally and locally



<Estimated shipping time 2-5 days

<Please note that delivery time may vary depending on your location


All products are illustrated by me, Kadie

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